tomas phillips
thomas phillips




Sentimentality: A Novel
Düsseldorf: Zagava, 2020




Portal Darkness: Stories
São Paulo: Raphus Press, 2020




Sine Wave: A Novel
New York: Spuyten Duyvil, 2019




São Paulo: Raphus Press, 2019




And the Darkness Back Again: Stories
Düsseldorf: Zagava, 2019




Non-Syncopated Alignments and Corporeal Jurisdictions: Stories
São Paulo: Raphus Press, 2019




In This Glass House: A Novel
Düsseldorf: Zagava, 2018




T.E.D. Klein and the Rupture of Civilization:
A Study in Critical Horror
Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2017




Liminal Fictions in Postmodern Culture:
The Politics of Self-Development
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015




Malingerer: Stories
Düsseldorf: Zagava, 2014



The Subject of Minimalism
New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013



The Light is Alone: Stories
Bucharest: Ex Occidente Press / Les Éditions de L’Oubli, 2013



Insouciance: A Novel
New York: Spuyten Duyvil, 2011

Long Slow Distance: A Novel
Toronto: Object Press, 2009


Other publications

“The Uses of Brevity: Valuing the ‘no more to be said’ in Jean Echenoz’s Plan of Occupancy and the Transcontinental ‘Critical Novel’.” Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies, 39.2, 2013. [link/pdf]

“Quiet Amplification: The Disenfranchisement of Subjectivity and the Reformation of Lived Experience.” PhD dissertation, under the direction of Bina Freiwald, Concordia University, 2007.

Contributing artist featured in Extract: Portraits of Soundartists. Raphael Moser and Heribert Friedl, eds. Vienna: Non Visual Objects, 2007. [link]

“Particular Silences: Robert Wise’s The Haunting.” Offscreen. Volume 1, Issue 8-9, August/September, 2007. [link/pdf]

“Composed Silence: Microsound and the Quiet Shock of Listening.” Perspectives of New Music. Volume 44, No. 2, Summer 2006. [link/pdf]

“Giving the Active Gift: Art and Analysis in the Cultivation of Conscious Love.” n–fold (issue one), Petite Sono, December, 2004.

MA Thesis: The Procession of Delegates: Subjectivity in Postmodernity and Beyond. Under the direction of Maria Pramaggiore, North Carolina State University, 1999.